System Integration


MTS Team has Two Decades of Experience in Fire Protection & Detection Systems.

The Systems are custom designed or as standard, providing creative Inputs, Innovative solutions, quality &reliable service, with minimum work disruption, in their production and process areas.

Fire Prevention, Protection, Detection, Security and Communication.

Mechanical: Hydrant,Sprinkler,Water Curtain, Gaseous Suppression, PHE, HVAC, Fire Extinguishers

Electrical & Electronics: Alarm&Detection, Security& PA, Evacuation& Paging


  • High Quality Life Safety Systems
  • Systems for Special Hazards and critical areas
  • Integration of Protection Systems with adequate controls and interfaces, to manage the systems, for Optimum performance.
  • The Systems offer best of service, resulting in prevention of emergency situations and Minimum shutdown.

APPLICATION System Installation in manufacturing facility, Food process, Power Plants, Steel Production and Automotive Industries.

Technical Services: Design, Development, Detailed Engineering & Execution

We provide complete service for Fire Engineering, Design, Installation, Inspection Testing & Maintenance

Systems are designed based on site activity (Industry/ Infrastructure), site survey, detailed Engineering, drawing equipment specification and selection, installation, testing, commissioning & handing over.

The systems and equipment offered, meet Engineering practices and Codes, Standards, Regulations like NBC/NFPA and other relevant Standards.

The system execution is by Trained Technicians, having knowledge of system integration for optimum performance.

The Technicians &Site Engineers are trained periodically, to keep update Development and Emerging Technologies.


The Satisfaction of utilization of system, in the event of emergency is supported by cooperation, coordination and collaboration of Engineers and Managers associated with the Department of Safety of Human & Capital Assets.

This aspect being very vital refresher training for Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer in process safety, Fire Protection, Automation, Health & Safety is conducted periodically.

This helps to keep the systems up to date in operation condition and for alertness of Engineers to meet any exigencies.

The collaboration of concerned Managers & Engineers is also essential from the Design stage through the Installation for adopting great flexibility in Innovative Design, Operation and maximization of Investment benefit.

The System design shall cover from concept to best practices and principles, while meeting with Engineering Standards & National Codes, Statutory rules & regulations. The existing & emerging trends, shall be principle consideration in system design and selection of Equipment.

The Systems are Installed for:

Buildings -Hospitality, Health care, Museums, Libraries and Offices

IT Environment -Data Centers, Communication Systems and IT areas.

Cable Tunnels/Ducts: Engineering Industry, Irrigation, Power and Process Plants

Industrial Plants: Production Areas, Pump Rooms, Turbines, Generator and Machinery.

Conveyor Systems:Steel, Cement & Coal Mining and Power Plants

Food Industry: Industrial & Kitchen deep fryers

Transformers:HT Power & Furnace Transformers

Painting Area: Combustible Solvents Storage

Public Infrastructure: Metro Stations, Multiplex & Stadiums

The systems are Installed as per consultants Specifications or as Designed by Matchwell Group, while meeting with respective Govt. Disaster Management Statutory Rules & Regulations.


Fire Protection Systems are classified as Passive & Active

Passive Fire Protection: The Area of Protection is Demarcated into smaller sections with compartments.

Fire Resistance Dividers, Fire Control Mortar Barriers, Fire Resistant Cables, Fire Dampers & Fire Doors and Fire Resistant Glass Partitionsfor compartmentalization.

The advantage of compartmentalization is to slow down and prevent spreading of Fire & Smoke rapidly, in the event of Fire Hazard.

The Occupants gain additional time to escape from Fire Hazard.

Active Fire Protection:The system gets activated very quickly with the support of Hydrant, Sprinkler, Water Curtain & Extinguishers

Passive Protection requires less maintenance compared to Active Protection

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