Fire Detection And Alarm System

Fire Detection And Alarm System

Our Systems are designed to detect Smoke or Fire in the early stage, enabling the Emergency Respond Team to act immediately for Protection and Safe Evacuation of Occupants.

The response also supports Protection of Assets in the Vicinity of Fire.

Fire Alarm & Detection Systems are offered as Conventional and Intelligent Addressable Systems.

The Fire Alarm Systems Comprise Multi Zone for Conventional & Multi Loop for Addressable Systems.

The Conventional or Address able initiating Devices Comprise Smoke, Heat, Beam, Multi Sensor, Duct, IR & UV Detectors, Gas Detectors, Flame Detectors, Pull Stations, Electronic Sounders/Hooters, Modules-Isolator, Relay, Control & Monitor Module.

We also offer Aspiration & VESDA.

The Products are certified with suitable marking, as per the approval.

UL, FM, LPCB, EN -54 & CE

Fire and Smoke Dampers, Control & Prevent Spread of Smoke & Flames through Duct Work.

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