Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher is an active Fire Protection Device to Extinguish or Control small Fires.

The Extinguisher is Hand Held/Portable Cylindrical Pressure Vessel, filled with an agent to get discharged in the event of Fire.

The Extinguishers based on the Application, filled with different agents

Water, ABC, DCP, Co 2, Foam at different capacities.

Fire Buckets of standard size mounted on suitable stands are also installed at specific locations.

The selection of Fire Extinguishers with respect to Type and Capacity, is as per occupancy and location.

Our Team of Experts can suggest Suitable Extinguishers.

The selection of type and location is specified as per guidelines of NBC Code. The distance of travel to the location of Fire Extinguisher as per NBC Code.

The following is a table Extinguisher recommendation for a particular type of Fire

Water Wood & Paper Fires
Foam Flammable Liquid Fires
Carbon dioxide Electrical Fires
Dry Chemical Flammable Liquids & Electrical Fires
Wet Chemical Fat Fires (Huge)
Special Purpose Metal Fires etc..


The Fire Protection Systems and Hand Held Extinguishers are Installed in Engineering Industry, Process Plants and Infrastructure.

The Extinguishers are Designed, Developed& Executed to suit area of Application, as per NBC Codes and Standards.

All the Equipment’s incorporated in the systems carry ISI Mark or approvals as per Standards.

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