Product Distribution

Product Distribution

Explosionproof, WeatherProof, Increased Safety, Dustproof Electrical Distribution, Control & Communication Systems.


Product distribution: Explosion proof, Weather Proof, Increased Safety, Dust Proof Electricals - Distribution, Control & Communication Products & Systems.

Baliga Flam Proof

Baliga Explosionproof, Weatherproof, Increased Safety & Dustproof Electrical, Communication &Security Equipment’s& Systems

VKP Pumps

VKP MECHANICAL- Reciprocating Pumps: Simplex & Triplex Pumps Single and Double Diaphragm Pumps.MOC of head for handling Liquids and fluids,as suitable for Chemical Composition and Characteristics Capacity from 10 LPH up to 2000 LPH and pressure from 1 Kg to 250 Kgs.

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