Distributed Control System

Distributed Control System

Distributed Control Systems

Hybrid Controls, Controller Attributes & Ports, Modular Design, Rack Mount I/O Modules, Local & Remote I/O, Peer to Peer & Supervisor, Operator Interface, Comparison of Controllers, Function Blocks, Alarms / Events & OI, Hybrid Control Designer Overview, PC Connection, Navigation, Operator Interface Display Setup, Documentation, Print Functions, Configuration Download, Controller Modes, Importing, DI DO Programming using FBD's, Software Controlled Execution, Performance, AI, AO, DI, DO Block Changes, Rack Monitor, Loops, Set Point Programmer, Scheduler & Changes, Recipes, Profiles, Schedules, SP Programmer, Profile / Recipe Setup, Alarms - Group Setup.

PLC & HC 9000 DCS – Automation

Digital Inputs, Digital Outputs, Analog Inputs, Analog Outputs, Digital Level & Analog Level Control Systems Temperature, Pressure & Flow Control Systems,Discrete Inputs, Discrete Outputs, Analog Input/output Loops, Set Point Programmer, Scheduler, Recipes, Alarms – Group Setup, Function Block Diagrams, Monitoring, 8 Discrete Inputs , 8 Discrete Outputs 4 Analog Inputs, 4 Analog Outputs.

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