MATCHWELL - SCIA Safety Controls, Interlocks& Alarms

Repair/Rectification Inspect and recommend for Repair/Rectification of system orEquipment, with or without spares, as per customer approval, wherever requiredManufacturing is based on Micro Controller Design, providing solutions to the Process, Engineering & Infrastructure, for performance optimization and System delivery.

Fire Alarm & Repeater Panels

  • 16 Zone
  • 8 Zone
  • 4 Zone
  • Repeater

Emergency Exit Door Alarm

Two Way Talk Back System

Deluge Valve Control Panel

Multi Tank Water Level Control

Motorized Valve Control Panel

Manufacturing Future Programs

PLC based Fire Fighting Panels, Temperature and Humidity Control & Door Interlocks.

Manufacturing Orientation: Factors of Best Service Performance

SARA2Q: Speed, Accuracy, Reliability, Availability, Quality to produce Quantum results.

Manufacturing Process and Products adhere to Quality standards, trouble free service. ease in operation, maintenance and respond to situational need with time tested performance, in the form of improved safety and security, in the work environment.

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