Fire Hydrant System

Fire Hydrant System

The Systems are Installed indoor and Outdoor, as applicable and suitable for the occupancy

The Systems are Installed for protection of Engineering Industry, Process Plants & Infrastructure

The Hydrant System comprises ofFire Water Tanks,Electrical, Diesel and Electrical DrivenPressure Maintenance Fire Pumps, Automation Motor Control Centre, Network of Pipes and Fire Fighting Equipment – Branch Pipes, Landing Valves, Hose Box, First Aid Hose Reels, RRL & CPC Hoses, Super Jet Monitor & 2 Way /3 Way /4 Way Fire Brigades, Instrumentation& Cabling.

The Systems are designed for instant action to mitigate or suppress fire.

Hoses and First aid Hose Reels have significant role in Fire Fighting action

RRL, CPC Hoses & Hose Reels can be extended to their full length, for ejection of Pressurized Water and they are the First attack Fire Fighters.

The System Water Circulation, operates, in the entire Pipe Network & under Pre-determined system Pressure.The system pressure supports in discharging water through the End Fittings.

The System Pressure being high,the End Fittings can be handled for discharging Water with Trained Fire Fighting Team.

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